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Pocket Rocket GO (Box of 14 liquid packets)

Pocket Rocket GO (Box of 14 liquid packets)

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Whether you're working a long shift, exercising, playing, loving or recovering, Pocket Rocket will immediately have you on your A game.


GO - Original Flavor  

  • Sold in a carton of 14 individual serving stick packs.

  • Each measured stick pack contains 200mg of pure liquid caffeine which is similar to a large cup of premium coffee.

  • Pure liquid caffeine derived from organic green coffee beans

  • Made with all natural flavors, no sugar or artificial additives used  

  • Diabetic friendly sweeteners, Allulose and Monk fruit used 


Designed to be drank directly out of the package as a shot. 

Can also be mixed in water or your favorite beverage. 

Energize Without Compromise!



**The FDA recommends no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day

Pocket Rocket is not intended for persons under 18 years old.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lisa Gonzales
Love this Stuff!

I’m so grateful that pocket rocket came into being. Every time I need a boost I grab a packet. Sometimes just a half is plenty and I save the rest for later. It’s clean, no jitters, and really improves my focus.

ron ward
Hell yes

The Pocket Rocket does exactly what they say. It gives you the boost and focus you are looking for. I've used it several times at work when I was feeling like I needed a nap and before I knew it, I was dialed in and getting things done that may have been put off until the next day. The best part is there isn't that jittery feeling I get from other products. I'm calm and focused.

Scott Beaver
It’s all about the mix!

I like mixing a stick pack in a smoothie, juice, or bottle of water to sip all day, working with a positive and focused energy.

Tali C.
Portable Energy

As a traditional die-hard espresso drinker, I didn't think I could be swayed by the energy drink side. But since coffee tends to give a peak-and-crash type experience, I was open to trying Pocket Rocket based on a friend's recommendation. What I found is that it provides a much smoother and longer-lasting energy profile and it's my new go-to before a long work day or before a day in the mountain bike saddle or on the ski slopes. I also love the portability of it and the fact you can drink it by itself or mix it with something else. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed.

G. Martinelli

OK, I've tried all the others. Nothing. Nada. I took down a Pocket Rocket and within 30 seconds I could feel the effect. Clarity. Energy. And a few hours later, no hard let down. The syrupy taste is like taking a shot - just get over it and it works as strongly as it tastes. I heard it's to keep kids from accidentally downing a few. But it's really about the same taste as 5 hour energy - except it actually works.

Energy, Focus, and Clarity

  • Breakthrough Workout

    Energy for the perfect workout with focus, and concentration

    Let's GO!!! 
  • For the Long Commute or Roadtrip

    Stay focused and alert during your long work commute or vacation travel

    Let's GO!!! 
  • Clear and Focused

    Increased clarity and focus for any excercise

    Let's GO!!! 
  • Exercise with Energy

    Pure Liquid Caffeine

    Let's GO!!! 

Straight or Mixed, the Choice is Yours

Consume directly out of the package as a shot, mix into water, or create your own energy drink with your favorite beverage.