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Portable Package & Health Benefits

✓ Pure liquid caffeine derived from organic green coffee beans that contains chlorogenic acids, which is thought to delivery many health benefits such as:

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels, and increase insulin sensitivity
  • Controls blood pressure, dilates blood vessels and reduces levels of the stress hormone Cortisol
  • Improve athletic performance and endurance
  • Promotes regeneration of new cells, concealing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rich in anti oxidants
  • Boost mood, increases the release of dopamine, the brain messengers that are believed to uplift mood, attention, alertness, and brain function
  • Acts as a detoxifier and helps to flush out toxins, impurities, excess fat, and cholesterol

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✓ Consumed straight from the package as a shot or mixed with your favorite beverage to create your own energy drink


High levels of sugar and unnecessary ingredients such as:

✓ Citicoline

✓ Tyrosine

✓ Phenylalanine

✓ Taurine

✓ Malic Acid

✓ Glucuronolactone

✓ Other numerous Ingredients found in energy drinks today

Pure Liquid Caffeine

✓ Sourced from organic green coffee beans that contain chlorogenic acids

✓ Natural stimulant

✓ Clean energy when you need it fast

✓ Portable to take with you wherever

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Natural Energy with Focus

Pocket Rocket is everything that you need to supercharge your day. Our rich, concentrated formula provides the same benefits as those caffeinated drinks without all the unnecessary sugars and additives. Great as a shot or Mix.

Pocket Rocket GO is pure liquid caffeine that can be taken anywhere, anytime

Pocket Rocket GO - 14 Pack Box

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