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Pocket Rocket GO

✓ Immediate energy and focus

✓ Drink as a shot or mix with any beverage

✓ Perfect addition to your daily workout

✓ 200mg of organic liquid caffeine sourced from green coffee beans

✓ No sugar

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Pure Liquid Caffeine

✓ Derived from organic green coffee beans that contain chlorogenic acids that are thought to deliver these health benefits read more

✓ Natural stimulant

✓ Clean energy when you need it fast

✓ Portable to take with you wherever

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✓ High levels of sugar and unnecessary ingredients such as:

✓ Citicoline

✓ Tyrosine

✓ Phenylalanine

✓ Taurine

✓ Malic Acid

✓ Glucuronolactone

✓ Other numerous Ingredients found in energy drinks today

Natural Energy with Focus

Pocket Rocket GO is pure liquid caffeine that can be taken anywhere, anytime

Pocket Rocket GO - 14 Pack Box

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