Raphael Boldrick - Chief Executive Officer


Raphael Boldrick is from Louisville, Kentucky where he grew up and graduated from the University of Louisville. He has worked and excelled in several industries including medical sales, mortgage banking, and management for large restaurant companies.

In 2018 he founded the company LEAP Energy, LLC which led to the formation of EWC, LLC, the parent company of Pocket Rocket. Pocket Rocket is a product concept he was certain would change the marketplace. Working with great people from New Jersey to California, Pocket Rocket is set to launch in 2022.

“I wanted to create a great energy mix that didn’t contain unnecessary ingredients such as high levels of sugar and unproven amino acids. These are regularly touted as great for ‘energy boosts’ while never having any studies to back up those claims and potentially have harmful physical effects. Pocket Rocket is made with organic and all natural ingredients and contains no sugar, so there is no crash. I believe that caffeine in its purest form is the only ingredient in energy shots and drinks that has proven to uplift, create concentration, and reduce fatigue in persons that are on the GO all the time. This is the foundation of Pocket Rocket.”

Energize Without Compromise